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COLLABORATING to benefit Girls & Women in STEAM

During the past month of December, Virtualware together with the British Council, Conalep, Promtel and other public and private organizations, carried out the design and implementation of a new mentoring model for girls and women along with different communities in Mexico.

This collaborative project seeks to promote the strategic use of technology, through an interactive space created to this purpose called Metaverse STEM, in which students, mentors, and speakers were able to connect in a dynamic and immersive way.  A virtual world through which students from 5 selected Conalep campuses could interact with those from other campuses located in other parts of Mexico, and learn about the history of successful women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  In addition, the 5 selected Conalep Campuses have received the donation of high-end computers, virtual reality systems, equipment, and Internet access using 700 MHz frequency band.

The Women and Girls STEM program aim to eliminate gender stereotypes and to attract girls and young women to the STEM field.

“We seek to inspire Mexican girls to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics as an option in their academic future”

Iveth Pompa, Director of Educational Services at the British Council

To this end, numerous women professionals from the world of research, science and technology participated in a wide program, giving different talks, with the main objective of promoting the scientific-technological vocation of girls and women and trying to contribute on not only theirs but community professional development.

Following the success of this experience, more than 30 mentoring students of Conalep, more than 12,000 views of the conferences, has had a great impact on the target audience.

Throughout this year 2021, it is intended to replicate the experience to more communities throughout the country and Latin America, particularly Peru and Brazil.

Discover how Conalep has joined the wave of innovation that is changing education.  Join the #VRISNOW movement here and let’s move society forward together!

“It is a transformative initiative that gives us the opportunity to get excited and share with these young women the transit and the change in their training. In Conalep, our challenge is to promote equity in schools, and through instruments like this, we are helping them in developing and improving their technological skills”

Rolando Galán, Secretary General of Conalep

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Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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