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Our immersive Room the best VR Enterprise Solution of the Year

The VR Awards is at the centre of recognition and celebration of outstanding achievement in Virtual Reality. Every year, this prestigious event brings the world’s most influential names in immersive technology togetherOrganised and produced by The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR), the third annual VR Awards celebrated the very best in virtual reality in 2019.  The categories include VR Hardware of the Year, VR Healthcare of the Year and VR Enterprise Solution of the Year among others.

Over 500 projects, from revolutionary hardware to experimental games & experiences, were submitted this year. Every nomination was judged by a specialist panel of over 60 of the most respected experts in the virtual reality industry, including developers, academics, doctors.

Virtualware was named finalist in two categories, it was awarded with the Immersive Room solution as VR Enterprise Solution of the Year. A category which specifically rewards projects that satisfy the needs of an organisation rather than individual users. Such organisations include corporations, universities and governments.  Considered as the Next Breakthrough in Enterprise VR, Virtualware Immersive Room is a professional, affordable and simple solution that allows companies to review their engineering designs, train their workers in large spaces, where multiple people can interact with total freedom of movement, among other things.  A boundless solution designed with the most advanced virtual reality technology, replacing the obsolete and expensive CAVEs.

“ We are very proud and happy to have been awarded with the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year which recognizes our effort to help corporations and universities in their way to introduce and get the incredible benefits of immersive technologies” points out David Moreno, our Head of Marketing and Business Development ”

David Moreno, Head of Marketing and Business Development

The award ceremony took place on November 11th in Central London’s prestigious 8 Northumberland Avenue, where 300+ international delegates from the most influential backgrounds of the VR industry celebrated the latest in VR innovation.

Find our about all the Winners 2019:

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Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team


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