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There is a need to reduce the gap between post-secondary school and the rapidly changing job market. New workers need to be flexible, work on demand and use their knowledge and resources in order to be able to thrive in these competitive environments.

Technology is playing a fundamental role in changing the way people live and work today. The way we learn, teach and collaborate is being transformed day by day, helping and preparing students to be ready for the workplace, where digital technologies are a key components for today’s competitive world.

Immersive technologies, virtual reality in particular, are shifting from hype to reality, becoming an important tool for businesses across many industries.  With a wide range of uses, including engineering, training and simulations, its applications and benefits are spreading to be used by professionals every day.  As universities and colleges aim to prepare students with the skills required to work in this new era, they need to adopt these new technologies if they want to make a real and meaningful change.

In November 28th, 2019, University of Deusto (Spain) and Virtualware officially opened the world’s first Virtual Reality Lab of its kind. Located at the Engineering Faculty, it is an space exclusively dedicated to the exploration of cutting-edge immersive technologies. The lab will support the new degree of VR, AR and Videogames Technologies, the university kicks-off the coming academic year.

Virtualware collaborates with this pioneering initiative providing their immersive room solution, recently awarded as the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year at the prestigious VR Awards.. Considered as the next breakthrough in enterprise VR, Virtualware immersive room is a unique all-in-one solution powered by the most advanced Virtual Reality technology. The equipment is based on NMERSO patented tracking system, Oculus Rift HMD and HP VR Backpack. It is enhanced with VIROO software platform, a simple and easy-to-use tool for room management and content deployment, supported by Unity Technologies. VIROO allows students to create their own immersive content and deploy it in a large-scale, multi-user, free-roam way.

“Our immersive room empowers the university with the next-generation of immersive technologies industries are already embracing, helping them to create work ready professionals.”

Sergio Barrera, Virtualware CTO

The lab compliments the rapidly growing XR ecosystem in which the next professional generations will be involved, allowing faculty and students to develop a wide range of solutions for design revision, product prototyping or training. This will not only generate incomes to the university, but it will also bridge the gap between current educational practices and offerings as well as the emerging workforce needs and demands

“Through our partnership with Virtualware, we will be at the forefront of the next great wave of VR innovation — pursuing breakthrough research and educating the next generation of innovators in this exciting and rapidly expanding field”

Andoni Eguiluz, Universidad de Deusto

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About University of Deusto

Located in Basque Country, Spain, University of Deusto is the oldest private university in Spain, ranked in the world’s top 6 universities for teaching excellence by Global Teaching Excellence Award (GTEA),

About Virtualware

Based in Basque Country, Spain, Virtualware (VW) is a global provider of cutting-edge immersive and interactive solutions for training, engineering and marketing. Established in 2004, VW is a pioneering Virtual Reality company with more than 15 years of experience creating custom products and services across industries.

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Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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