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VIROO, the most advanced solution in virtual reality rooms

The virtual reality rooms are a technology currently booming in different fields, however, the existing solutions on the market have certain limitations in terms of space, number of users and content management.  Moreover, the tracking systems offered by these manufacturers are limited and expensive.
Virtualware has overcome these limitations with VIROO, a software for managing virtual reality rooms and their own content, that combined with Nmerso, a new patented inside tracking technology, becomes a complete solution in VR rooms in real scale and multi-user. A solution that allows any company, university or scientific institution to have ad manage a virtual reality room, as well as generate their own content.

Virtualware Immersive Room from its initials VIROO, is a unique and complete turnkey solution based on two elements: the hardware equipment, either with Nmerso technology or integrated with third party technologies; and the software package called VIROO Suite, which allows to update content in a simple way, obtaining the maximum benefits of this VR room. “VIROO is a perfect solution for the engineering teams of ant company that are designing a product, to review the design and make decisions in a collaborative way, in virtual reality spaces, without having to make large investments in models or prototypes” adds Extremo.

«In addition to the current limitations, until now the large Virtual Reality rooms had another problem, the complexity of managing the operations.  It is necessary to manage multiple systems, equipments, devices and generate content by non-experts. Thanks to VIROO system this is now possible in a simple way.»

Points out Unai Extremo, CEO of Virtualware.

The XR Date celebrated a new edition on Thursday 28 February in Madrid, with ‘XR DESIGN’ as part of the Madrid Design Festival programme and in collaboration with The App Date.  Mainly focused on design, it counted with the participation of 3 Spanish experts.  Between them, Jesús Garrido, Commercial Director of Virtualware presented this new solution VIROO.  He showed the benefits of this solution with multiple uses; such as reviewing product designs, showing new products to customers, training teams in work processes, or researching and developing new applications.

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Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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