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VIROO awarded contract to support Spanish Ministry of Defense in medical training

Virtualware has been awarded a contract from The Cooperation in Scientific Research and Development related to Strategic Technologies Programme (COINCIDENTE) to support the Spanish Ministry of Defense (MoD) medical training in NRBQ protocol.

The warehouse scale multi-user VR simulator deployed in VIROO will provide realistic and intuitive training sessions to the medical staff at the Spanish Military Health School (EMISAN). VIROO will enable the Spanish MoD reduce cost, risk and time in their learning and training processes. This is the first of the next generation of simulators that will be part of a wider training program for the Spanish Health Forces.

“With this project called SIMUR, DIGEREM is opting for the modernization of the training processes of the medical staff of the Military Health Corps in up to three highly complex environments. By training specific learning objectives, empowering the students in the training sessions, having time for reflection and analysis, are some of the advantages offered by VIROO. It is a great opportunity for the practice and acquisition of skills whether they are technical or not, in Health Sciences and Military Health”

Capitan Valentin, EMISAN

The Cooperation in Scientific Research and Development related to Strategic Technologies Programme (COINCIDENTE) aims to make use of the technologies developed in the civil field to incorporate innovative technology solutions of interest to the Spanish Ministry of Defense (MINISDEF).

Virtual Reality is definitely establishing itself as the standard for workforce training.

The Spanish Ministry of Defense is just another example of how this technology, and VIROO in particular, can boost innovation and learning as well as improve efficiency.

“We are excited to support the Spanish Health Forces driving true impact in workforce training with VIROO. Since the last 16 years we have been focused on accelerating the adoption of Virtual Reality and spreading its potential for innovation. This is another great opportunity to revolutionize a whole industry”.

Unai Extremo, CEO Virtualware

VIROO, innovate in our reality, change the world

A unique VR Innovation tool that places all the potential of Virtual Reality in your hands. The VR Enterprise Solution of The Year simplifies the adoption of Virtual Reality and helps organizations and institutions pursue the extraordinary by building highly innovative departments.

It is a complete solution that enables to train several units based in different locations but in the same large-scale virtual environment, improves the individual, team and unit-level performance in real situations, but also reduces the investment in physical replicas and even the expenses of bringing the units together to one location for training.

Discover how GE Hitachi is leading the way by pioneering its application to the nuclear industry.  Join the #VRISNOW movement here and let’s move society forward together!

Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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