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UTR partners with UTC to bring educational innovation to Aguascalientes through their VIROO VR Center

The Technological University of El Retoño (UTR) is committed to meet the challenges of the digital revolution ahead by playing an increasingly important role in the education and innovation of ecosystems and economies and contribute to local economic growth and social development.

With the aim to position the university as a spearhead in the educational sector, UTR built a completely new Virtual Reality Center based on VIROO. A 500m² free-roam space and innovation lab designed to open new opportunities for deeper learning through virtual reality and to become the bridge between the educational institutions and the industry.

Apart from improving the teaching-learning processes to prepare their students for the current digital world, the VR Center also provides a new home for education and training in VR for companies, other centres, and universities in the region.

UTR is expanding the technological prowess of other universities in the surrounding area.  Javier Valdivia Díaz. the rector of University Technology of Calvillo, and other members of the academic team, recently visited the campus facilities to learn and test out the potential of VIROO. This visit marks the beginning of an alliance that will contribute to the economic growth of the region.

“This alliance with UTC provides an opportunity to give them access to world-class VR Innovation Tool.  It is a great honour to serve as an VR hub for Aguascalientes community”

Emmanuel Carrillo, UTR Vice-Chancellor

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Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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