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Virtualware emphasizes the importance of the entrepreneurial «soul» during the celebration of its 15th anniversary

On the 28th of March, Virtualware celebrated 15 years of activity in its new offices with an emotive act in the company of collaborators, suppliers and customers.

The event served to thank the attendees for their support and confidence throughout its history, remember the most important milestones, highlight the values that have enabled it to position itself as a leader in its field of activity and share its plans for the future.

Virtualware was founded in Bilbao in 2004 by 3 computer engineers, being one of the world’s pioneering companies in the field of virtual reality. Over these 15 years, the company has developed more than 500 bespoke projects based on immersive and interactive technologies, which have been implemented in 27 countries for more than 300 clients in various business areas and sectors of activity.

It has grown in terms of staff and turnover in a sustained manner, received around twenty awards, created a multi-touch hardware engineering unit,  R+D+i centre (Virtualware Labs) and various spin-offs. With presence in different countries (Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada), it closed 2018 with a turnover of €5 million.

In addition to its results and business achievements as a result of a great capacity for anticipation, diversification, spirit of determination, and commitment to innovation, Virtualware has not ignored an aspect no less important: the human factor.

Relationships between people matter and Virtualware gives people innovative tools to encourage autonomy, facilitate thinking, motivate them and bring the best out of themselves.

Unai Extremo, the CEO, highlighted the following:

«The greatest challenge we face is not doubling our turnover in the next 3 years, consolidating and growing in foreign markets or developing the best solutions and new technology. Our greatest challenge is to continue being a business with «soul».

A business with «soul» is a business that wants to do add value, create something that will transcend, something to be proud of.

In a business with «soul» people not only believe in goals and values, but also live them and express them with enthusiasm.

It is a company that is managed not only with intelligence but also with heart. “

Words such as Inspiration, Commitment, Excellence, Talent, Creativity, Soul, Family, were the most repeated during the event by Virtualware team..

These words were protagonists during the event, which also served as an excuse to thank the company for its management style.

New strategic plan and corporate image:

At the same time that Virtualware celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019, it launched its new strategic plan 2019-21 (the company’s 4th) and has renewed its corporate image.

The new strategic plan establishes a clear enhancement of branding and ambitious objectives of growth, to lead the revolution of immersive technologies for the enterprise sector, always in a sustainable way and not forgetting that human factor has distinguished it, alongside with its social and environmental commitment.

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Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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