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Virtualware joins Museums Association in UK

As the oldest museums association in the world, the Museums Association (MA) is a dynamic membership organisation that campaigns for socially engaged museums. It is the only professional body for all museums in the four nations of the UK with almost 9.000 individual members, approximately 600 institutional members and over 260 corporate members.

With more than 12 years of expertise providing cutting-edge experiences across museums around the world, including membership of the Virtual Museum Transnational Network – VMUST (2011-2015), Virtualware joins this leading association with the aim of spreading the potential of immersive and interactive technologies to multiply audience engagement.

As they are becoming more mainstream, immersive and interactive technologies are the best way to provide visitors of all ages with more engaging experiences, especially if you want to reach younger, digitally-oriented generations.”
Jon Bazán, Virtualware UK & Ireland Business Manager.

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We are committed to help the association deliver their vision and achieve their mission: Inspiring museums to change lives.

Most Relevant Museums and Interpretations Centres Collaboration

  • National Museum of Energy and Technology (México)
  • Athletic Football Club Museum (Spain) + info
  • Gizah Complex Interpretation Centre (Egypt)
  • Museum of Tequila “Tierra de Maestros” (México)
  • Museum of Valparaiso History (Chile)
  • National Archaeological Museum (Spain)
  • National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Spain)
  • Museum of Human Evolution (Spain)
  • National Research Centre on Human Evolution (Spain)
  • Santimamiñe Cave Interpretation Center (Spain).

Further info: Museum Association

Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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