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New member of the European Training & Simulation Association

Virtualware joins the European Training & Simulation Association (ETSA), a not for profit organisation representing more than 180 members from 40 different countries, involved in this industry across Europe.

ETSA established itself as «The European Voice of the Modelling, Simulation & Training (MS&T) community»  is in continuous national and international expansion, promoting and supporting the growth of their membership companies. The European MS&T Industries are facing a strong growth period over the next five years facilitated by their developing XR and remote learning technologies.

Joining ETSA will help Virtualware to spread the value and implementation of VR training solutions across MS&T Community in Europe introducing  VIROO.  The latest release of the company, Virtualware Immersive Room: a VR solution for full-scope field training that allows companies, institutions and universities to replicate multi-user scenarios in 1:1 scale, transforming any physical location into a full immersion centre for training.

«We are looking forward to participating in the association. In Virtualware, we are constantly pushing the boundaries in XR industry, and ETSA can help us with a wide perspective and a central location to communicate and orchestrate innovative partnering on behalf of the entire MS&T community in Europe. «

David Moreno, Head of Marketing & Business Development .

ETSA virtualware member

«Companies like Virtualware with their award winning innovative solutions provide great opportunities for new partnerships within our Association»

Ian Mccrudden, COO of ETSA .


It is a complete solution that enable to train several units based in different locations but in the same large-scale virtual environment, improves the individual, team and unit-level performance in real situations, but also reduces the investment in physical replicas and even the expenses of bringing the units together to one location for training.

In the nuclear sector, GEH is already using it for training complex processes contributing to the improvement of professionals’ capabilities and the reduction of both costs and risks. VIROO enables workers to train in fuel movement operations, using a physical replica of the necessary equipment connected directly to the virtual environment.


The European Training and Simulation Association (ETSA) represents the continent’s training and simulation community and provides an environment for users and suppliers to exchange opportunities, ideas, information and strategies on training and simulation technology and methodology.

The group brings together all those that have a professional interest in improving the effectiveness of training and training related interoperability, standard and codes of practice. It represents to governments and other users of training and simulation the non-partisan business interests of the industry.

Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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