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EAN University inaugurates advanced XR Lab to build Colombia’s sustainability agenda.

EAN University inaugurated its new XR Lab, powering its infrastructure with the Extended Reality (XR) platform VIROO®. The first of its kind in Colombia, this laboratory is part of EAN’s mission and initiatives to expand its positive social and economic impact by fostering excellence and innovation in high education and sustainable entrepreneurship development.

Emerging from a joint effort and strategic alliance between the EAN University, the expert virtual reality company Virtual4, and the basque cluster GAIA, the lab was formally inaugurated in Bogota on October 3, 2021. The XR Lab digital infrastructure and installation comprises VIROO®’s state-of-the-art platform in their 100 square meters immersive VIROO® room to foster the digital transformation of sustainable academic and industrial advances.

For Brigitte Baptiste, EAN University’s chancellor, the lab aims to provide an outstanding advanced education model and tools serving new generations of students and entrepreneurs looking to reduce their carbon footprint through the infinite possibilities to explore, question, experiment with ideas, concepts, and processes in virtual environments.

As part of the inaugural event, the university hosted a demonstration of VIROO®’s platform to several attendees experiencing what it feels like to be transported into a virtual world yet maintaining a real sense of presence while walking, collaborating, and communicating with other user’s avatars. Designed to support both single and multi-user sessions in remote and in-person hybrid configurations, the versatility of VIROO® displays its full potential in its immersive rooms, such as the XR Lab, thanks to its absolute tracking system enabling the precise geolocation of users for optimal XR experiences.

«This lab means a qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of the university’s intentions to build Colombia’s sustainability agenda. We believe it is an essential tool to change the logic behind how we address the footprint we make in the world»

Brigitte Baptiste, Cancellor of EAN University

«This infrastructure allows us to create an ecosystem to share knowledge and provide new services to benefit both the education and industry sectors,» says Tomás Iriondo, GAIA’s director.

Virtualware, creator of the VIROO® XR platform and its partner Virtual4 celebrates this significant milestone reinforcing the shared purpose of accelerating the adoption of immersive technologies and creating a network of leading organizations supporting sustainable social, economic, and environmental advancement in Colombia, Latin America, and the world.

«Ean University is a key partner in our strategy to generate positive changes in society via emerging technologies such as virtual reality, reflecting our commitment to support and accelerate the generation of innovative VR-based projects and sustainable entrepreneurship. We are overly excited about this collaboration»

Luis Alberto Viñas, Vice President of Virtual4.

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The EAN University is a Colombian academic institution whose higher purpose is to contribute and promote sustainable entrepreneurship, considering leadership and innovation fundamental elements in generating abundance for humanity.


Virtual4 is a company that uses virtual reality to generate impact, change and social transformation through the implementation of innovative projects with local and international partners, improving processes, optimizing training and generating empathy.


VIROO® is Virtualware’s award-winning platform to create, manage and deploy XR ecosystems at ease, accelerating adoption at every level. Modular and agnostic by design, VIROO® gives users, creators, and organizations a complete infrastructure and components to succeed in their XR journey.


Since 2004, Virtualware’s purpose has been to share its XR expertise and promote the potential of immersive technologies to accelerate companies’ and institutions’ adoption of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) to create a sustainable future that moves society forward.

Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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