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Part of Europe Driving Simulation conference

Driving Simulation Association (DSA) dedicated to the community of driving simulator celebrates the 19th Europe Driving Simulation & VR Conference & Exhibition in Antibes on 9-11 September, 2020.  The DSC Europe Conference gathers driving simulation specialists and providers from industrial and academic communities with close to 350 participants and 40+ exhibitors.

Participants from 20 different countries all around the world, will discuss different topics, including state of the art in driving simulation technology, research and extended with progressively merging virtual reality (VR) developments.

All participants both virtual and physical attending Palais de Congress in Antibes, will be able and hear about all the latest news and innovations in the driving simulation and VR field.

Our short-paper “Immersive Room, the next breakthrough in VR training” has been selected and it will be published in the DSC Europe 2020 VR Product Solutions Book.

The paper that will be displayed onsite and on the event virtual platform is focused in how through large-scale multi-user simulators deployed in our VIROO system Immersive Room, enable corporations, universities and government institutions reduce cost, risk and time by improving efficiency and learning process, in 1:1 collaborative scale VR environments.

«In the COVID-19 era, in-person experiences are on hold, which is making VR training truly mainstream, having enticed more companies to consider it an option. We are happy to share in this event and in this context, how VIROO solution makes training more interactive and more effective.»

Jesus Garrido, Virtualware EMEA Manager

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It is a complete solution that enable to train several units based in different locations but in the same large-scale virtual environment, improves the individual, team and unit-level performance in real situations, but also reduces the investment in physical replicas and even the expenses of bringing the units together to one location for training

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Virtualwareco Team
Virtualwareco Team

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